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Oct 9


HALC member “TrinityTexas77″ shot videos of many of the speakers at this event. This is the video for former Texas Republican gubernatorial candidate Debra Medina. Videos for other speakers will follow soon. Please share but give Miss Trinity credit… Enjoy!

Nov 22


Only one day after the people of Texas sent a message to their Texas delegation that they wanted less government, lower taxes and freedom from the bonds of an ever increasing intrusive government, including paying for an unconstitutional federal Health Care Bill, the momentum seems to be gathering to once again impale the homeowner.

Yet the strong rhetoric we heard from Rick Perry, David Dewhurst and others candidates during the elections was that they would “stand up for our 10th Amendment rights”.  Read the announcement of this hearing and think about how this fits in with standing up for our Constitutional rights.  And think about why only “invited” testimony will be heard.  99% of the time this is from the “stateholders”; that is those that want your money – not the people who will lose their homes if this legislation is enacted.

The only way we are going to keep the leeches from sucking our blood dry is to outlaw property tax in Texas forever.  We have begun this process but we need your help.  Call committee members and let them know that paying for Obamacare through increased property tax is not acceptable, and tell Republican members to make good on their promise to stand up for our 10th Amendment rights in Texas and to just vote “nay” on any attempt to implement this in our state – much less on the backs of homeowners.

Here’s the Where and When

  • COMMITTEE: State Affairs
  • TIME & DATE:   9:00 AM, Tuesday, November 23, 2010
  • PLACE:   E1.030 (House Appropriations)
  • CHAIR: Senator Robert Duncan

See all of the State Affair committee members after the page break.

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Oct 27

Thanks to Barry K of HALC for passing this on to us…

The board of Houston Property Rights Association has taken a position opposing the proposed drainage fee. HPRA says…VOTE NO!…

Two organizations have formed to oppose the hybrid fee/tax.Their websites are stuffed for reasons to block this new charge to be added to our water bills.First is the Taxpayers for Financial Accountability PAC: is No Rain Tax PAC:

Proposition 1 reads:

Relating to the Creation of a Dedicated Funding Source to Enhance, Improve and Renew Drainage Systems and Streets. Shall the City Charter of the City of Houston be amended to provide for the enhancement, improvement and ongoing renewal of Houston’s drainage and streets by creating a Dedicated Pay-As-You-Go Fund for Drainage and Streets?

This message is intended for City of Houston Voters only.

The Renew Houston Crowd is winning!

The Citizens of Houston are being snookered!

Our Churches, our non profits and our seniors are losing!

We are way behind in the polls!  Please blitz this to every one on your list.  Please ask everyone to blitz it to everyone on their list.  Paul Bettencourt and I are waging this battle on a shoestring!  We need your help!  We have no money for TV ads!  Please ask every talk show host you know to invite me or Paul to talk about why Prop1 needs to be defeated!

Norman E. Adams

The Problem with Proposition 1 – by Paul Bettencourt

All Houstonians will see at nearly the end of their long Election Day Ballot, is one simple statement about establishing a dedicated Drainage Fund and a Fee associated with it called Proposition 1. What this hides for most City of Houston Voters is that Prop 1 is a massive new property tax that will charge even our Churches, Schools, and Charities, plus it does not provide any exemptions for our over 65 Senior Homeowners. As a former “Taxman”, let me urge you to vote against Prop 1 while explaining the real problems with Prop 1.

In all my years in public service to taxpayers, I have never seen a proposal that is a MINIMUM tax or fee before reading the Prop 1 petition you won’t see on the ballot. Prop 1 sets a minimum amount, $125 Million dollars of revenue collections to the city in 2012, and then mandates the City Council to set the drainage charges to collect it in FULL. Prop 1 supporters have talked about this fund being as much as $300 to $400 million dollars a year in size which is so large that it is 35% to 47% the size of all property tax collections in the City of Houston each year. It will collect 8 Billion dollars in 20 years.

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Oct 7

Dear Friend,

If you ever wondered whether the big government agenda is alive and well in Texas, you need look no further than this morning’s Austin American Statesman.  “Conservative, Republican” State Senator Steve Ogden is calling for a state-wide property tax.  And other “conservative Republicans” rather than decrying this socialist agenda, are quoted in the article either advocating the policy or saying we need to consider it as a possible option.

Consider it, like Hell, I say!  We better get in this fight and we better get all in NOW!

With Republicans like these, Texas doesn’t need to wait on President Obama and the Democrats to destroy us, our Republican leaders are doing it single handedly.

Want proof?  Look at the 2008 U.S. Economic Index, page 11 shows Texas is now ranked 31 having fallen from the 8th spot in 1999.  That’s under “conservative Republican” leadership!  Thanks to these sorts of policies, Texas now labors under nearly the largest state government (second only to New York) with the largest amount of state regulation (second only to Louisiana).  Read it for yourself, see page 34 of the study.

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Sep 6
The Houston Area Liberty Campaign (HALC) is continuing the tradition of celebrating Constitution Day by hosting “The Constitution and You” on Thursday, September 23, 2010, from 5:30 pm to 8:15 pm.  Tickets are only $10. You must purchase tickets online as tickets cannot be bought or sold at the facility due to Harris County Community Center restrictions.


Three dynamic speakers will discuss a wide range of Constitutional topics which will include:
  • Property Taxes, “Obamacare” and other Unconstitutional Laws
  • Constitution 101 and the Preamble
  • State Sovereignty and the 10th Amendment
  • Natural Law and the War on Drugs
  • The Economics of Immigration
  • Which “Federal Agencies” are actually NOT Federal Agencies
  • And much more!
Our speakers include former Texas Gubernatorial Candidate Debra Medina, local business owner and HALC’s former chairman, Bill Tofte and former NYPD Detective and Assistant State Coordinator for the Florida Campaign for Liberty John Baeza.

Mingle with guests early and enjoy a light potluck-style dinner compliments of HALC members and volunteers.


About The Houston Area Liberty Campaign
The Houston Area Liberty Campaign is an organization defined by the message of liberty and freedom – a community of volunteers, organized from the ground up, with the purpose of bringing this message to the people. This group can do nothing without the individual heroism of vigilant patriots. It is our belief that through grassroot actions we can bring about a revolutionary change across the entire spectrum of the political process. Upholding the ideals of decentralized action and individual leadership has allowed us to accomplish much, and the continued embodiment of these principles will lead us to continued

About Debra Medina
Ms. Debra Medina is a recent Republican gubernatorial candidate, garnering almost 20% of the vote while running against two career politicians with huge war chests. Debra was recruited for her run as a gubernatorial candidate by the grassroots because she was known to the average Texan as hardworking, honest, and principled, and therefore a true “peoples’ candidate.” She was recently named as one of the 50 most influential Texans in the public policy arena by the national publication, Politics and Elections Magazine.

While running in the gubernatorial campaign, Debra earned the respect and support of thousands of citizens across Texas and subsequently formed We Texans so that she and her supporters could continue to educate and work on the issues which have become so important to Texas citizens. The non-profit, non-partisan organization promotes public policy and legislation which advances and protects private property and personal and economic liberty.  We Texans, through education and activism, engages in research and analysis with the ultimate goal of returning the Texas government to the citizenry within the framework of constitutional government.

Debra has also excelled in her personal and political life prior to her gubernatorial run. She and her husband of 25 years, Noe, home schooled both their children, when it wasn’t nearly as easy or acceptable as it is today. Debra is a registered nurse and founder and CEO of Prudentia, a medical consulting firm. She is the Wharton County Republican Party Chair and has been involved in politics for over twenty years.

Debra is a sought after speaker, a much requested guest on radio and television stations, has had literally hundreds of web site and blog mentions, and has had articles published by The 10th Amendment Center as well as other online media outlets.

About John Baeza
Mr. John Baeza is an Assistant State Coordinator with the Florida Campaign for Liberty.  John educated himself about the Constitution, has developed a Constitution course for the Florida Campaign for Liberty, teaches that course and also gives presentations about the Federal Reserve.

John is a retired NYPD Detective where he worked undercover narcotics with the NYPD before spending the last six years in the Special Victims Squad investigating sex crimes, child abuse, serial rapes and sexual homicides.   John’s success in sex crime investigations resulted in a method of determining truthfulness of alleged assault victims, perpetrators and witnesses named after him: the “Baeza False Report Index” (BAFRI).

Before retiring, he also worked as a deputy sheriff in Florida.  Even though he’s a retired Detective, John is a staunch libertarian and sees Constitutional issues as very black and white.  John believes the premise for the ‘War on Drugs’ violates the Ninth Amendment to the United States Constitution.

In 1984 he began his 24-year law enforcement career, as a corrections officer at Sing Sing.  But then came the day when John no longer felt that being a soldier for prohibition had anything to do with helping people. After an undercover assignment gone wrong, from which John had barely escaped with his life, the first thing his department chief wanted to know was whether the drug-buy money stolen from John at gunpoint had been recovered.

“After this encounter, I never made another buy,” John relates.  “An epiphany, a life change – who knows?  All I know is that this near-death incident changed everything about me. I no longer believed in the ‘drug war.’  I no longer felt the police should criminalize an individual for self-medicating himself while not infringing on the rights of others. I was a changed man.”  He immediately transferred out of narcotics and went to the Special Victims Squad where he then became an investigator in sexual assaults; murders; and child molestations.  Grisly work but satisfying when you can put bad guys behinds bars.

So he has fought in the “War on Drugs” at just about every law-enforcement level, all because, as he puts it, “I wanted to help people.”

About Bill Tofte

Mr. Bill Tofte is the former Chair of HALC and, along with his brother Mike, operates ITD Precision, founded in 1946 by Bill and Mike’s father.  ITD Precision is a metal stamping, heat treating, e-coating and insert molding company that has been in continuous operation for 64 years and specializes in high-quality metal stamping. Automotive, electronic, oil field, construction, power transmission, electric and appliance companies find that ITD fits their special requirements for quality, delivery, and price.  ITD Precision has an office in Houston, near US 290 and Telge Road and an office in Harlingen, Texas.

Bill has given presentations to business groups about business operations.  Bill also has given several speeches and presentations on issues such as “Audit the Fed,” “End the Fed,” and constitutional issues in general.

Sep 4

[An important message from We Texans]

September 3, 2010

Dear  Friend,

I have some important information and some really great news to share with you.  I hope that after reading this update that you will consider giving to WeTexans.   We are going full speed ahead with the agenda we all had during the primary – we “lost a battle” but we have not “lost the War” – not by a long shot. This is evidenced by calls from folks who are willing to do TV commercials with us (you will be surprised!), and calls from other campaigns and/or their supporter or staff wanting our endorsement.  It is also evidenced by the fact that so many legislators are willing to visit with me about our property tax agenda.  I have been surprised and pleased at the responses I have been getting.  However, we all know that elected officials can’t always be trusted to do what they say they will do, so I keep beating the pavement, knowing you’ve got my back! Thank You!

I continue to travel across the state carrying our message. As you know gas and other travel incidentals are expensive these days so please, if you still consider our work worthwhile, consider giving anything you can.  $5.00 helps more than you know.  And my thanks to all of you who have been so generous in the past!

I was also surprised to learn that I had been named as one of the Top Influential Texans by  Although I was pretty far down on the list I did make it.  When I saw my name I thought that should really say WeTexans instead.  I was thinking that this time last year almost no one knew me, the WeTexans slogan or anything about us and our liberty movement.  So we have come quite a ways in 12 months time – from an unknown grass roots movement to being sought out by legislators, the media, and having been designated as “influential”!

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Nov 18

Nov 10

Capitol large

All eleven State Constitutional Amendments passed.  [See stories, House Research Organization: Analysis on Nov 3rd TX Constitutional Propositions, Where to Vote in the Upcoming Texas Election, and Empower Texans: Recommendations on Nov 3rd TX Constitutional Propositions,  below, for related articles and actual text of proposed State Constitutional Amendments.]

Election results for Houston-area
Annise Parker and Gene Locke will be in a runoff for City of Houston Mayor.  Ronald C. Green and M. J. Khan will be a in a runoff for City of Houston Comptroller.  Check for other City of Houston City Council positions.

Harris County elections results.

Brazoria County election results.

Chambers County election results.

Galveston County election results.

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Oct 18

In addition to the Empower Texans’ recommendations of the Texas State Constitutional Amendments, here is another analysis by The House Research Organization, a non-partisan source of impartial information on legislation and issues considered by the Texas Legislature. The HRO is an independent administrative department of the Texas House of Representatives. It is governed by a broadly representative steering committee of 15 House members elected by the House membership to set policy for the organization, approve its budget, and ensure that its reports are objective.

House Research Organization

The HRO’s analysis has a bit more background and gives pros and cons of each amendment as well as actual text of the amendments, so that you may make informed decisions when you vote.

You can early vote between Monday, October 19th and Friday, October 30th.  Early voting will be held:

(Mon) October 19 – (Fri) October 23      8:00 AM – 4:30 PM
(Sat) October 24                                  7:00 AM – 7:00 PM
(Sun) October 25                                 1:00 PM – 6:00 PM
(Mon) October 26 – (Fri) October 30     7:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Locate your early voting location here.  However, please note that on Election Day, Tuesday, November 3, 2009, you may only vote at your specific precinct location, (Harris County resident only on immediately preceding link).

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Sep 6

[Original article & photo from Houston * Banner, Near Northwest/Montrose-Westheimer/
Midtown/Downtown Edition, August 2009 edition]


Richard Ford pickets Appraisal District Office

Richard Ford never expected to be walking a picket line at the Harris County Appraisal District office.  The retired Houston firefighter owns a number of properties’, and like many property owners he protested his property tax appraisal.

One of his properties, he says, was appraised nearly $60,000.00 more in value so he felt it necessary to protest the increases.  He had done the research on his properties and was anxious to talk to the review board about them.  He expected to be able to have a hearing for each one of his properties. Read the rest of this entry »

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