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Nov 11

Dig deep, and donate to the 11.11.11 Veterans Day Ron Paul MONEYBOMB!  All Day!

For more information visit the following websites:

Oct 22

Well, the video is a few years old but still VERY relevant and informative….it would be interesting if the videographer of this video could locate the woman in the video and ask her for her impression of the BHO “presidency.” Hmmmm… 

Sep 8

This is not an real Ron Paul ad. It is however, a real commercial that someone just edited to make fit.

Aug 14

The Revolution now has it’s own PAC!
As a Super PAC, Revolution PAC is not subject to the $2500 maximum that applies to presidential campaigns, so it provides a further outlet for those who have already donated the maximum to a campaign. 
“Ron Paul is known for having exceptionally creative and energetic grassroots support. Revolution PAC will help make some of their best ideas a reality, we’ve got great ideas for television and radio ads – and other things, too – that will highlight the congressman’s unmatched record and differentiate him from the other candidates,”  – Dr. Thomas Woods, Revolution PAC Advisory Board Chairman
Are you maxed out on donations to Ron Paul’s campaign?  Please consider a donation to the Revolution PAC. 
 Do you know anyone with deep pockets, or have ties to a company with values in line with Dr. Paul’s?  Please make the case to them in considering a donation to the Revolution PAC – Making sure this PAC is fully funded will give us the edge we need to ensure a victory for Ron Paul!

Additional viewing/reading: (disingenuity in CNN’s own poll which wasn’t giving them the “correct results”)
Aug 13

Please read below for a narrative from HALC member Paul Smith regarding his recent correspondences with U S Rep. Michael McCaul’s office. Rep McCaul needs to go back to 7th grade Government class!  What an idiot McCaul is!  Maybe *****Joe Petronis***** will run against him again in the primary–and beat him this time and be elected in the General Election!
I recently corresponded with Congressman McCaul on the issue of Obama’s ineligibility to be our POTUS and especially on the forged birth certificate which Obama posted to the White House web site (  His response (below my sig block) was simply unacceptable.  In his opening paragraph, McCaul said: “As you know, the Constitution requires that the President of the United States be a naturalized citizen.”
WHAT?!?  Are you kidding me?  That’s not what the Constitution says!  He went on to provide four more lies:

“[I]t is my understanding that Federal Election Commission (FEC), the Federal Courts, and the Republican Governor of Hawaii have certified that the President’s Hawaiian birth certificate is genuine and the President is a United States citizen.”

  • The FEC has no authority to vet presidential candidates and likely never even saw any documentation.The federal courts have never even heard an eligibility case much less ruled on the merits of the issue.
  • As a matter of fact, Chief Justice Roberts admitted (with a grin and a chuckle) that they were avoiding that issue. 
  • Hawaii has never verified that any of the three released COLBs were valid documents or contained valid information.
  • The fact that Obama is a citizen (unverified so far) does NOT make him a natural born citizen (eligible to be the POTUS.) 

McCaul doesn’t know the definition of ‘natural born citizen’ (see and the following article (link at top of that page)).

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Feb 12

[original article here]

Memo to Each HHS Employee Working on Implementing Obamacare: How Would ‘10 Years in Federal Prison for Violating 18 USC 641′ Look On Your Resume?

Now that a federal judge has obliterated Obamacare by ruling it unconstitutional, Alaska’s governor is asking the obvious question: would continuing to spend money implementing an unconstitutional law represent fraud against the U.S. taxpayer?

Alaska Gov. Sean Parnell is asking his attorney general to advise him on whether implementing the federal health care overhaul would put Parnell in violation of his oath of office. 

A federal judge in Florida this week struck down the law as unconstitutional in a case joined by 26 states, including Alaska. A major point of contention is a provision requiring citizens to buy health insurance… Parnell says he took an oath to support and defend the constitutions of the United States and Alaska. While the Republican governor concedes the issue is expected to be decided by the U.S. Supreme Court, he says he has a duty to uphold the law and wants the attorney general to advise him on what the duty is after the Florida ruling.

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Feb 12

Dec 31

In spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary that Barack Hussein Obama, Jr., was indeed born in Kenya (not Hawaii, as he claims), Lt. Col. Terry Lakin plead guilty to the charges against him for refusing to ship out with his unit because of Obama’s ineligibility to hold the office of President of the United States.

Lt. Col. Lakin is now serving time at Ft. Leavenworth, KS.  To that end, Saturday, January 1, 2011, is being celebrated as “LTC Lakin Day.”  See details and evidence as to Lakin’s case below….
From American Veterans in Domestic Defense’s website:

We The People,
Our American founding documents, and the people who fought and died for them secured the blessings of liberty we enjoyed for over a century.  Will you do your part to restore our Constitutional Republic?

“With the privilege and honor of knowing of, swearing to, and living under the blessings secured by our Constitution, comes the responsibility, and duty, to defend and maintain it.”
Obama has admitted to ineligibility[1]  and has been found guilty of Treason[2] to the Constitution.
That means that all executive orders issued and bills signed by him are NULL and VOID, and that every order given as Commander in Chief (ALL military orders originate there) are UNLAWFUL.
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Dec 31

From Leibowitz’s Canticle article:

For the first time ever, the Obama administration is taking steps to register rifles sold through firearms dealers begininning January 5, 2011.

It seems that otherwise law-abiding rifles used for recreation—plinking, hunting and shooting competitions— and self-defense while north of the Mexican border, turn into stone cold cartel killers once they cross south of the Rio Grande. There’s no data on whether their criminal behavior continues after they return to U. S. or if they revert to their previous good citizenship.

Obama’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has requested emergency approval from the White House Office of Budget Management to require 8,500 federally-regulated firearms retailers in four states to report two or more sales to the same purchaser within 5 days of rifles that fire a round larger than .22 long rifle.

According to Scripps News, the goal isn’t to stop sales but to just allow authorities to immediately seek out the buyer and try to determine his motives. OK, but while they’re at it, how about an investigation of the editorials at Scripps, just to determine their motives?

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Jul 8

Guess who said in August 2006:  “We live in a country of laws. We don’t do things sort of based on one person’s situation no matter how painful.”   I will give you ONE guess??

 ”God wanted us united as a family…” (watch video) � Flashback: Obama Argues for Rule of Law in Deporting Illegals Without Proper Papers.

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